1. We need tools

Do you have a good drill or  Jigsaw you can donate? We get a lot of use out of our tools and they break and are expensive to replace.

Please send to – Adam Hunt, Dip ship, 1335 NW 98th CT, unit9, Miami, 33172. The shipment will then come on a boat to Roatan. We will pay at this end to recieve the goods so please only send those in good working order.

2. We need sponsors for Herson’s apprenticeship

Rita and her family (Children 6, 8, 14 and 17 years) have found themselves in an unfortunate situation. Her husband Fermin and father to their 4 kids died in a motor cycle accident 8 weeks ago in wet weather. Some of you may know Fermin who worked as a boat captain at Luna Beach for the last 8 years (in blue shirt in photo above).

The family owns a small house but have no income, Fermin was the sole income earner. The oldest son, Herson has never worked before and is currently one year into a 3 year tourism course, he goes to school in the evenings from 6pm. His education costs $68 per month (plus same amount for his 14 year old sister who is studying accounting).

Herson, his mother and I would love Herson to be an apprentice at the “Taller de Artes” for the next 6 months. After which time he can be taken on as an employee in October high season.

Please, we need your help here. I believe this will make a big difference to Herson and his family. He and his sister can continue with their education. The family will have an income for food. Herson will get great experience in the tourism industry and I know it will give great confidence and empowerment to Herson to be able to bring an income home where his father once used to.

I need you to help Herson and his family. In return we can give you a beautiful piece of artwork each month that Herson has been involved in making and an update on his progress.

4 individuals donating $100 a month for 6 month period would cover it.

Or perhaps there is one very generous donor, who could cover all of the sponsorship for Herson.

You may be a bar, restaurant,  hotel, office or private sponsor and the artwork we give you as a thank you would look great on display.

If you are in the USA or Canada we can mail you the artwork each month.

If you can sponsor Herson, please contact me by responding here, e-mail me at ilovepaintingfish@yahoo.co.uk or call on 99478975

Thank you


Adam Hunt