To some a ‘Rusty Fish’ may simply be artwork but behind the scenes it is providing much needed employment to a very poor community.  It provides training and jobs where they are really needed, it’s giving a meaning and purpose to many people’s lives and is communicating an important message to Roatan and the world. To reuse and respect the cycle. Recycle

“I truly feel blessed to do what I love every day. And it brings me much joy to see the happiness ‘Rusty Fish’ is creating in so many people’s lives – from the men and women who live amongst the throw away, the locals who are working with me to create beautiful artworks and the customers who smile each time they see their new unique gift.

The Rusty Fish signature. The number in the tail indicates the year your artwork was made.

About the Artist

Adam is the son of a kids art teacher. As a boy Adam loved to comb the beach, craft from throwaway and sketch out new ideas. Adam is famously fishy and spent much of his youth by the side of a river or lake in pursuit of his subjects. Adam’s love for the outdoors and the natural environment drew him to study a degree in Environmental Health in 1992.

In 1999 Adam left England in search of adventure.  He sold his apartment, gave away everything he owned and bought a one way ticket to Asia. It was 3.5 years before He stepped back on English soil. “I experienced so much, travelled through so many countries, and met so many people. Life on the road was free and exciting and taught me more than any formal education could ever deliver”.  Adam discovered teaching English and loved working with kids. Adam returned to England full of stories but found few people who really wanted to listen. Full of enthusiasm, Adam sought to encourage others to do what he had done. A simple advert in university careers libraries attracted graduates with a desire to see to the world. “They loved my stories of adventure” said Adam.  “I got them jobs in the same country I had, booked their flights, got their work visas and sold training courses that would help them on their way”.

However, whilst I made the most of my return to England I longed for the ocean and the warmth of the tropics. Roatan in Honduras was one of my travel destinations many years previous. I couldn’t get the place out of my head. I knew I was meant to live there. The ocean beckoned me and I longed for the warm climate.

In 2008 Adam moved to Honduras and made it his home. Adam brought an abundance of fish to Roatan.  Well the intention to create fish anyway. The first piece of artwork he did was a 20ft mural in the Light House restaurant that spans an alcove and doorway. It took Adam over 50 hours to paint around 200 tuna fish on the wall. The mural is still there today along with Other ‘Rusty fish’ creations. Adam’s fish now adorn the walls of many homes and restaurants on Roatan.  Adam spends most of his time hunting out recyclable materials or at the art work shop coming up with new ideas.

Adam say’s “We need to look after Roatan’s environment and with the way the economy is right now we need new employment opportunites”. Rusty Fish is recycling materials that are often seen as a liability, scrap metal, wood and plastics.  17 people currently work at Rusty Fish. When asked about the workshop Adam say’s “I want to be able to provide an opportunity and a place to learn new skills for many more local people, what we really need right now is more people to support us by enjoying ‘Rusty fish’ recycled artworks.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Recycled with love

Adam Hunt