Many visitors to the Caribbean island of Roatan seek a souvenir to remind them of our beautiful island but unfortunately most are faced with an imported gift, often from China or Indonesia!

The Rusty Fish workshop is creating locally made, island inspired artworks.

Roatan’s has an emerging tourism industry. The Rusty Fish workshop  is answering many local needs. Providing jobs and training where they are really needed. Some of the men and women who work at Rusty Fish have had an education some have had none. Ages range from 18 to 45. Some are working and using machinery and tools for the first time. Ariel pictured below is a great example of a young man who has gained much confidence, gained a new meaning and purpose and is proud to be helping financially support his family. He is also continuing further education in english and maths at an evening school.

It is my dream to be able to provide an opportunity to many more people on Roatan. Thank you for your support